Access Information to Venue of Special SIGMUS Symposium
@ University of Tokyo, Japan on Nov 2, 2009.

(in conjunction with 10th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2009) )
Basic info
The Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo is located in the center of 
the Tokyo metropolitan area. Access time from Kobe (the venue of ISMIR 
2009) or Kyoto (the venue of the CrestMuse Workshop 2009) should be 
about 3 or 4 hours. 

Recommended route from ISMIR/CrestMuse Workshop
1. JR Shinkansen from Kobe/Kyoto to Tokyo Station 
2. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line from Tokyo Station to Hongo-Sanchome 
3. 10 minute walk from Hongo-Sanchome Station to Hongo Campus 

(Useful links)
- Central Japan Railway Company (information about the JR Shinkansen)
- Tokyo Metro (information about the Tokyo Metro Subway) 
- Hongo Campus Access Map (from University of Tokyo web site) 

Hotel info
We recommend reserving a hotel near Tokyo Station, which is the last stop for 
JR Shinkansen trains from Kobe/Kyoto, and also connects to the Tokyo Metro 
Marunouchi Line. Here is a short list of major hotels in the area: 

- Marunouchi Hotel

- Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi

- Yaesu Terminal Hotel

The following web site may also be useful to find other hotels, and general 
tourism information of the Tokyo area. 

- Tokyo Tourism Info (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

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