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Information Processing Society of Japan

IPSJ Special Interest Group on MUSic and computer (SIGMUS)

Last modified: Feb. 3, 2011. [ Japanese ]

SIGMUS is a multidisciplinary research community that draws upon a wide range of disciplines and methodologies including

Since its organization in 1985, the community has grown steadily in membership and stature.

Five regular meetings are being held each year, where papers are presented concerned with

The following list exhibits the papers that have won the Yamashita Research Award from IPSJ, which highlight the important trends and challenges over the last decade within the MUS community.

What's New

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February 3, 2011.
The Calendar of regular meetings(the 90th - 94th) is added.
January 13, 2011.
Program of the 89th regular meeting appeared here.
December 6, 2010.
Call for Papers of the 88th regular meeting appeared here. (Application due: December 18, 2010.)

Recent & Upcoming Meetings/Conferences

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